Marooned is a new hidden object game from GameHouse. GameHouse is known as one of the top developers of free casual games. Super Collapse! II is a GameHouse game that has become a favorite of casual gamers around the world. Previous hidden object games by GameHouse include the hit Little Shop of Treasures games and the adventure-filled Ancient Secrets. Hidden object games are among the most popular casual games around. In these types of games you must search each scene for objects. The objects are often cleverly interwoven into the background. Marooned is a revolutionary new hidden object game. There are three types of hidden object puzzles in Marooned.

Find all of the items on a list in the list type of hidden object puzzle. Find all of the items of a certain theme in a themed hidden object puzzle. Find two objects that complete a phrase in the third hidden object variation called a phrase-building puzzle. In addition, Marooned also features adventure puzzles. Adventure puzzles require you to solve problems while you play. In Marooned, you must collect items to be used unlock new levels and continue the story.

Marooned is a mystery hidden object game. When you start, you are stranded on a desert island and have a bad case of amnesia. As you play Marooned, the answers to who you are and why you are on the will be revealed.

An all-new hidden object adventure, Marooned transports you to a lush tropical world and immerses you in a rich storyline.

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