If you are in the mood for something relaxing, then a game of Mahjong may be just the perfect choice. The rules are pretty straightforward. You have to match identical tiles until you manage to remove them all from the board. Keep in mind that each tile needs to have at least one free side to be eligible to match. If you are ever in doubts, just click the light bulb, and you will receive a hint in an instance.


Have fun playing!


Iron Man 2

Iron man 2 is a slot game dedicated to players who wish to have fun. The layout is inspired by the Marvel comic book and brings the famous characters straight in your home. As it is a 25-line game with five reels, the chances of winning are quite high.


There are different bonuses included that have the sole purpose of boosting the earnings. An impressive thing about this game is the Marvel Mystery Progressive Jackpot. It triggers randomly at the end of the game and can bring some pretty consistent winning. The graphics and sounds are simply mesmerizing. Furthermore, there is a special bonus round where you get the chance to fire off heavy weaponry.

It’s impossible to get bored playing this game. Have fun!


Blackjack is a game of cards that can be enjoyed on any online casino. In this case, you compete against the house. The purpose of the game is to get a hand as close as possible to 21, or even 21. If you manage to do this, you beat the dealer and earn money.

You need to know that it is up to you to decide how many cards you receive. Also, remember that Aces can equal 11, or 1. Again, you can establish the amount according to the hands you have in your hand.There are various commands you can experiment, like double the bet, split the cards, and receive another card before you end the turn.

online blackjack

If you consider your moves carefully, you can win significant amounts of money. Good luck!

Little Shop – Memories

Little Shop – Memories is the last chapter of the popular series, Little Shop. This is a hidden object game that brings an entire paradise at your feet. Get ready to experiment an exciting adventure, filled with awesome memories that you’ll find impossible to forget. Here is what you need to know about this entertaining and fascinating game.


To become a successful Little Shop entrepreneur, you need to go back into the past. Think about photos, keepsakes, and trinkets from your journey. There are 12 dynamic environments you can have fun with at any hour of the day or night. Other exciting elements include the two game modes, the cleverly hidden objects, and profitable bonus rounds. It’s impossible not to have fun!

Try it out today and discover the hidden object adventure provided by Little Shop!